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Материалы для малоэтажного строительства
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Technoelast SOLO RP1 is a top-rank single-ply roofing!

Aluminized light-reflective dressing compound, fire safety specifications RP1/ V2.

New material for retail! AquaMast Mastics

New material for retail! AquaMast Mastics

Since 16 March we offer a new line of luted bitumen waterproofing compound of the AquaMast brand at an attractive price.

О компании ТехноНИКОЛЬ - производителе кровельных и теплоизоляционных материалов

TECHNONICOL is one the leading international producers of reliable and effective building materials. The company entered the market in 1992, and since then gained excessive experience in producing thermal and acoustic insulation, roofing and waterproofing materials, as well as solutions for road building. Today TECHNONICOL offers innovative products and technologies that combine international experience and solutions of proper research centers. The company collaborates with design institutions and architectural bureaus, which enable us to react to ever-changing consumer expectations quickly and flexibly.

Presently, the TECHNONICOL Corporation integrates 53 production sites in Russia and abroad (Belorussia, Lithuania, The Check Republic, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany), 6 research centers, 18 training centers and 22 representative offices in 18 countries. Headquarters are located in Russia, Poland, Italy, China and India. The company exports materials to 95 countries worldwide. In 2017, the industrial complex showed revenue of 79 billion rubles.

The mission of TECHNONICOL is to produce high quality, reliable and effective construction materials and solutions, which we strive to make available to every person in the world. Our team is guided by principles of workmanship, high professionalism, responsibility and safety.

We are passionate about constant perfection of our materials, challenge met by our Research and development centers. The company is constantly upgrading existing technologies and launching new materials. Our Research centers and laboratories possess modern equipment to study physical and mechanical properties of materials within a wide range of temperatures, define the structure and ingredients of raw compounds and test the durability of finished products. Scientific research and new technologies make it possible to launch several new products every year.

TECHNONICOL is among the first Russian companies to emphasize the need of educating builders in new technologies and innovative material application. Our training centers offer modern equipment, stands, models and spaces for hands-on training. Thanks to practical approach to learning, we give additional educational support to our employees, customers and partners.